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"Sinuous, elegant and refined: the Navetta 68, “The Absolute Vision”, is one of a kind sea creature able to capture the eyes of the most demanding and passionate navigators on the planet who let themselves be embraced by the most intense emotions. An absolute comfort reigns in indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated to the conviviality, in a framework of precious and elegant materials, according to the unique Made in Italy style. ..."

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Cantieri Estensi


"The first boat of the new America range of Cantieri Estensi Yachts, a new idea of lobster boat combining the absolute freedom and simplicity of going to sea with high performance and high quality finishes. ..."

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Fjord Boats


"The Fjord 52 Open is the flagship of the Fjord Ship Yard since 2015. Initially denominated Fjord 48 Open it soon became a Fjord 52’ when the yacht incorporated an XL hydraulic bathing platform. With an overall length of 16 meters this boat complies with the most demanding expectations. The Fjord 52’ Open is the maximum exponent of a luxury day cruiser with central console. It is a clear example of the Fjord philosophy taken to the next level. The options list is quite impressive. ..."